General Learning Area

DPTI / Open Access College (DECD)

Through the project management of DPTI, we were invited to design a new general learning area and associated studios for Open Access College. Despite the majority of their services being conducted online, the brief was to create a multi-purpose area to cater for group teaching lessons.

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The position for the building at the front of the campus provides an exciting angular geometry with a hint of bold corporate colour (red) that has now set the basis for further upgrades to adjacent structures. The distinctive cladding, shade canopy and integrated signage work together to create an exciting addition for the college that has been well received. It is important to note that a strict acoustic requirements for the project, underpinned the extensive amount of design and documentation detailing in co-ordination with specialist consultants. This attention to detail off site, allowed the building to be delivered ahead of schedule and under budget.